French Twist Instructions

There are many different ways to create a french twist. You can start with gathering hair at the nape, at the middle of the head, or at the crown. You can twist clockwise or counterclockwise, make it tight and sleek or fluffy and "messy" and use lots of different hair toys to secure it.
I'll explain a basic version here, where I start twisting at the nape and secure the finished roll with a french twist comb. This is what works best on my hair, make sure to experiment to find what works best for you!
You'll find different instructions on Fox' Long Hair Loom Styling Station. Those may work better on thicker and/or extra long hair.

Gather hair in a ponytail at the nape. Don't secure.

Start twisting clockwise upwards while holding the base of the ponytail for the first couple of turns.

Twist all the way to the ends without allowing the rope to coil like you would for a bun.

Place your middle or ring finger on your crown and fold the rope over it downwards.

Use your thumb as a lower anchor point and fold upwards again.
Repeat folding up and down over your fingers while keeping them at the same distance from each other until you reach the ends of your hair.
Roll your hair over the folded rope ...

... and tuck everything inside the seam.

At this point you can use any hair toy to secure your twist. My instructions continue with a french twist comb as an easy example.

Insert french twist comb into the edge of the roll pointing outwards with the curve of the comb not hugging your head.

Catch some scalp hair, reverse direction of the comb and slide underneath the roll, close to the scalp.

Done! :)

For an even better demonstration have a look at this little video (859KB asf file - right-click to "save link target" on disk and use Windows Media Player, RealOne Player or similar to view).
I only had 30 seconds to finish because our digital camera can't process longer video sequences. So you see that a french roll can be a perfect style to do when you're in a rush in the morning :)

If you have problems getting the twist to work for you, have a look at my trobleshooting page, which explains some common errors and ways to fix them.


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